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Very grateful I am for Tony's life and his music. Even though I never really met him and we lived a lot of miles from each other (I live in the Netherlands near Amsterdam) he influenced my life for quite a bit and I was shocked by his passing. Like someone else wrote it felt a bit like losing a familiy member.


As many other people I suppose, my first introduction to his music was through the Fat Wreck Chords compilations. After that I went to buy Leche Con Carne! and found out (geeky as I am/was) No Use had a really cool website with messageboard. I spent a lot of time there during the late 90's and 00's and made some online friends there (I see emmajane has found her way to this website too, great to read something from her). Rumour has it Tony posted messages there also, but I'm not sure that's true. The first time I saw No Use and Tony live was in Tilburg in the afternoon. Seeing them play there made my love for No Use even greater. It was the first time of many shows I saw, most of them with my brother.


Later on, I met my girlfriend (now my wife), who didn't like punk rock at that time (in retrospect I think I need to say she didn't know it very well). Of course I introduced her to No Use and she could stand them... After we deceided to get married we needed to take care of a lot of things for the wedding day. One of them was to pick a song when we were walking to the aisle. We chose International You Day, but the acoustic version not to bust anyone's bubble. Tony was able to capture so many feelings in his songs, I knew it wasn't written for us but it felt that way.


Here in the Netherlands we were very lucky to get a lot of visits from Tony and No Use. Last year alone I saw him three times, every time awesome and it never got old. When preparing to go to a concert it felt like putting on an old jacket and meeting some old friends. I feel sad that this feeling won't reoccur, but feel grateful for his legacy.


All the best to his close friends and relatives.