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I saw Nufan like 5 or 6 times in the uk, twice I had the pleasure of meeting tony the first was at Tjs Newport he sell at the merch stand and I couldn't believe what a nice guy he was. People say never meet your idol but tony is an exception to the rule so nice and polite and commenting on my dickies trousers. such a down to earth guy!


The second time I met Tony was at the zodiac Oxford it was a Monday night gig and I think the promotors expected it to be quiet and put the gig on down stares the place was dead so me n my mate stood at the front right in the centre. There was no security and only a metal railing about one meter from the stage. As the last support act played it started to be really busy "sell out show I'm guessing" Nufan started the place erupted and the security rail wasn't cutting it a couple of the bar workers were trying to keep the rail back and me and my mate helped out. After the gig Tony came up to us and thanked us for helping keep everyone safe.


All I can say to sum up is this awesome songwriter everyone can relate to. Talented musician and vocalist and a gentleman what a loss RIP Tony Sly and condolence's to your family friends and everyone's lives that you have changed.