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We were on a Fat Wreck package tour in 2000, it was NUFAN, Tilt, Snuff, Mad Caddies & Consumed. We went across Europe together taking in France, Spain, Portugal & Italy. It was in Italy where we were playing a venue next door to a five-a-side football (soccer) pitch. Having had numerous chats on the virtues of footy with Tony on this tour he was keen to ask the venue if we could have a kick around on said pitch.

Long story short, it ended up with a challenge match between the Fat Wreck tour team featuring most of Snuff, half the Caddies, Tony and some tour crew vs the Italian promoters and some other chaps they had roped in. The Italian team were confident, they assumed that we were all American and therefore clueless on how to play. Yet when you get to know people on tour and you all hit it off transferring that tight unit to a competitive arena is a good way to really come together and have a laugh.

After a cagey start the Fat team soon began to dominate, I was half expecting the italians to start diving and whining to the ref but there was no ref. I recall Tony scoring a classic half volley shot from the 18 yard line, this was in the days before smartphones so unfortunately no Youtube footage. But it was a cracking goal!

Every time I saw Tony after that tour we would reminisce over that game. Forget the music we'd just chat about "that goal" and the fun had that day and that whole tour. So many stories: our bus catching fire, our Lee & Matt of NUFAN sword fighting, getting smashed in Lubijana, seeing Jimmy Connors son at the London show, and the Lemolas! The Lemolas were a super group featuring Matt of NUFAN, Lee Snuff, and Steve & Mike from Consumed. They would go on after NUFAN and play the Ace of Spades over & over until the venue pulled the power on them. I remember Tony and I crying with laughter watching Lee playing drums naked with the Lemolas as they did their Motörhead tribute, good times.

We all miss Tony, he was one of the good guys and a great song writer who caught the spirit of the times by playing his heart out.


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