Back in the days when Leche Con Carne and Making Friends came out, No Use For A Name were a huge inspiration for the Donots. "Invincible" was always our favorite track of that era. It pretty much summed up everything we liked about NUFAN and Tony's songwriting: That up-tempo energy of the rhythm section, the drive and great solo bits of the bass and guitars and some of the catchiest melodies of that time. Tony always had an amazing sense of melancholy in his melodies and that totally prevails in the chorus of "Invincible". That song is probably as close to perfection as it gets when combining all the aforementioned elements.


We told the folks at Fat and also Brigitte, Tony's wife, we'd love to be part of the compilation and that we always wanted to do a cover of "Invincible". Everybody seemed very favorable to that idea. We were also told that all the songs on the compilation had to try and have a different approach. Fat thought that each song should have some element that would set the cover version apart from the original. We really liked this challenge since all our albums and especially our latest effort "Wake The Dogs" are pretty diverse, and we love to experiment with different moods in the recording process. In March of 2013 we did a month long tour of the States with our friends in Flogging Molly, Anti-Flag, and CJ Ramone. The shows with Flogging Molly really got us hooked on folky punkrock tunes. Hence we thought that a folky yet powerful version might do justice to the legacy of "Invincible." So into the studio we went and we basically recorded the whole thing in an afternoon, including an accordion. It was fun to record the track and once you play it for yourself you become even more aware of the greatness of Tony's unique songwriting skills. An incredible song for sure! And I think the Donots version turned out quite cool in the end. 


Our band has been touring for almost 20 years now and bands such as Lagwagon, Blink 182, Strung Out, The Dwarves, Propagandhi, the Swinging Utters and of course No Use For A Name were always very supportive when it comes to having us open up for them. No Use were super cool and everytime we asked if we could join the bill they would say: "Sure, hop on board!"  I remember Tony and Shiflett watching the first show we did together and they were extremely nice and polite afterwards (although I am pretty sure we kinda sucked back then). It's not like we were best friends with Tony and the guys but everytime we'd bump into each other at festivals or shows they were amazing people. What really struck me about Tony was the fact that he was very modest and thankful for everything. He didn't really brag about his talent. He'd just go out and play killer shows and hang out afterwards. I guess, the last time we met was in our beloved "Franken Bar" in Berlin, a place right across the street from the SO36, a club which NUFAN played probably a zillion times. And guess what? No Use killed it that night. Like they always did. R.I.P. Tony!








Remembering Tony

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RememberingTony Dubrovnik, Croatia never forgets http://t.co/kxjG1YgHh5
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