When we heard about Tony's passing, we were on tour in London, Ontario Canada playing a venue called "Call The Office." The last time we played there was a show that we played together with NUFAN. So being there and hearing this news struck a chord in all of us. The venue played nothing but NUFAN songs the entire night and man it was a trip to all of us...hearing Tony's voice singing out loud yet knowing he had moved on to a new journey. We quickly learned "Soulmate" and played it that night in dedication to Tony. We continued to play the song every night for the rest of the tour so it made perfect sense that we would cover this song for the comp when we were asked to be a part of it. We had a lot of really good times with Tony and NUFAN starting back in the early/mid 90's when both our bands and Fat Wreck Chords were thriving. We had not played with NUFAN in quite a while up until 2008 where we ended touring in Australia together. What a great tour that turned out to be!  
I just listened to the entire tribute album and man, it is pretty emotional. Tony was a very talented lyricist, which I could hear more clearly through some of the acoustic performances. Anyhow, its very unfortunate to all his family, friends and fans that he is no longer with us but this comp along with the rest of the music Tony and his band mates made is testament that he will live on forever...RIP Tony Sly.



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RememberingTony Anyone know who drew this? http://t.co/IaShIUGA34
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RememberingTony RT @errantludite: We put together this tribute to Tony Sly for Punkrockradio. This year in memory of his passing we have put it up... http:…
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RememberingTony RT @sugardustcurry: The last day of July. Never forget Tony Sly. I'm listening to No Use For A Name now☆
RememberingTony RT @badbrains_48: Not forgotten but stiill and always greatly missed....RIP Tony Sly http://t.co/SCynEMDwCV
RememberingTony RT @AndyJamesWells: @RememberingTony He was a legend and he will live on in his music.

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