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What kind of guy was Tony? In 2000, our older son, then a 24-year old amateur musician, was dying of cancer. He contacted Tony and NUFAN and asked if there was anyway he could play with them, just once. Much to our son's surprise and delight, Tony invited him to join them for a show in Santa Barbara; and our son got to play lead guitar with NUFAN on Redemption Song. Our other son was there, too, and videoed the entire show. That video is one of our most treasured images of our lost son. After our son died in October 2000, Tony and NUFAN put on a benefit concert for him at Slims in SF. Proceeds went to our son's memorial scholarship fund.


In September 2001, when NUFAN released their next CD, "Live In A Dive," they included a 15-minute video of the band with several live performances and interviews. In the end credits of the video, they dedicated the video to our son's memory (and they gave our other son credit for some of the performance video shots). That's what kind of guy Tony was!