Chasing Rainbows
It was an honor to record this song. Vinnie from Less Than Jake asked us to record it as part of a special comic book release on his label that was influenced by the song.  It was so cool that he thought of me when he thought about Tony. Tony's melodic and lyrical influence are everywhere on our records. Even the way I stand behind the mic is something I picked up from watching No Use. When I heard Fat wanted to include it on the tribute, well, I can't describe it. Being part of my favorite songwriter'a legacy is really an awesome full-circle kind of thing for me. 
I remember hearing, like REALLY hearing Chasing Rainbows for the first time while I was waiting to fly on a plane, watching people boarding. It stuck with me more than any other musical memory for some reason. Tony's death hit me so hard and I felt so weird for being so sad about it, since we weren't even acquaintances. No Use was one band I loved so much that I kept my distance and remained a fan and never tried to make a personal connection. I regret that now. No more songs will come from Tony. But playing his music is therapeutic for me, whether it's playing Chasing Rainbows or covering songs off of Leche Con Carne with Strung Out while we toured together last year. This comp is great and I think it's going to make a lot of people happy. 

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