For Fiona with Tim Mcllrath, Rise Against

On the Outside with Dead Peasants

International You Day with Scorpios


I got a text from Mike at FAT while in Milan with Scorpios. It said "I need you to do a country type song. With band." Well, I was in Europe and my country band Drag The River was in Colorado. Then the next message said, "Do, On the Outside, for sure It will make a perfect country song." He was right. So, ok. I had an idea. I sent a Hail Mary pass to Chris Shiflett. He had a country band, a studio and was a super bud that actually played on the No Use For A Name original. He and his band tracked the music in California and I tracked the vox w/ Nessie in Berlin. She happened to be a mutual friend of mine, Tony, and all the Scorpios, so it was perfect. Joey helped. I'm glad he was there. I was nervous. He said it sounded like "country Leonard Cohen." I like country and Leonard Cohen. So, good. I hope we did the song well. The crowd vox at the end of Scorpios International You Day were also tracked that night in Milan. That's a song we had performed with Tony countless times. As for Fiona's song, Tim McIlrath & Bill Stevenson called me one day to do that. So, I walked down the street to the Blasting Room and did it. Thinking and wondering the whole way what to do. I've NOT sang on that song countless times. I never thought it needed anything. I'm glad I found some space in there. I love Tony and his whole family. I am fortunate to know them. I'm proud to be involved in this.

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