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My memories of Tony aren't confined to the stage, where he rocked my (and everyone's) world.  I knew a different Tony...one that many of you never met.  Sure, I attended my fair share of NUFAN concerts.  And, I (like you) was blown away by Tony's stage presence. Tony, and his band mates, truly enjoyed what they did and we were just along for the ride.  But the Tony I got to know was Tony the soccer player.  I played soccer with Tony's brother (Jon) and once in a while Tony would come out to join us for practice and even the occassional game.  Now everyone knew that Tony was not the best soccer player.  He admitted as much.  But the fact that he came out to practice or a game and gave 110% was a testament to Tony, the person who always gave it his all.  When we played soccer, Tony was just another teammate. He NEVER played the "rock star" card and was just happy to be playing a sport he clearly had passion for.  After a few weeks of practice, he was off on another tour with NUFAN.  I hope he enjoyed those times.  I know I did.