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... I usually don´t post anything personal on the WWW but in this special case I feel the need to do so out of respect for tony sly and his family.

There is not much that I can say which would be of interest for anybody here I guess, since I never knew tony sly nor anyone of his family but since I really appreciated his music back from the late 90s till nowadays I feel the impulse to express my respect for him. As I am a father of 2 children myself my best wishes go out to his 2 kids and of course his wife. I guess there can´t be said or done anything that would easen the pain for tony's beloveds, but hopefully after time had been able to heal the wounds it might feel good to come here and read who and where people respected the beloved father/husband/friend.

I highly respected Tony. Austria, Europe.

All the best to his beloveds.