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I am such a huge fan of Tony Sly's songwriting. He gave us countless beautiful, inspired and often heartbreaking melodies. For some people this is an innate talent and comes naturally. For Tony this was clearly the case. He was widely underrated for his lyrical abilities. Almost unsung. Tony had an ability to say exactly what he willed, while still maintaining word acrobatics that made his lyrical intentions seem secondary to his melodic ones. When reading his lyrics you can clearly see, Tony's words were at the center of his ambition. Whether it be his words or melodies, there is something deep there for the listener. Tony Sly's music is and will always be accessible in any pop genre. One of the reasons this compilation is so great is it contains diverse interpretations of Tony's songs. Not just clones but, thoughtful renditions. You can hear the adoration of his work and I love that.
With so many amazing songs to choose from, I chose to record songs I lyrically identify with. Still a long, long list. I am proud to say I was able to be involved with a few songs on the Fat Wreck Chords Tony Sly tribute and even more proud of what a great job everyone involved did to make this so great. Tony would love it!


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