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I had the privilege of getting to meet Tony on two separate occasions.  The first was at Warped Tour in Milwaukee in 2005, shortly after NUFAN released Keep Them Confused.  It was like 95 degrees that day and a lot of the bands were going straight from the stage to their air conditioned busses, but Tony and Matt were right there at their merch table chatting up fans, taking pictures and signing things for people in the smoldering heat.  It showed me that they truly cared about their crowd.  I approached Tony, not wanting to waste too much of his time, and just told him that they played a great set and that I really enjoyed the new record.  Not expecting anything more than a "cool, thanks", he responded with "oh yeah? Which songs on it do you ilke the most?" We ended up talking about music and other random stuff for a good 5 or 10 minutes.  He had a way of making you feel like you'd been his friend for years.  I told him the next time NUFAN comes to Milwaukee they need to play "Exit".  He agreed, I thanked him again, and that was that.  


A few years later they came back on tour with Punchilne and a few others.  I went to go see them with a buddy of mine and we had a great time.  After the show we were outside chatting with Punchline's singer who's a friend of ours, and Tony walked up to me and said "hey, we played your song this time!" He actually remembered me from Warped.  I was stunned.  I'm not 7 feet tall or covered with tattoos or have python-sized dreadlocks or a missing arm or something...what I'm saying is, I can be a totally forgettable guy, and Tony remembered a 5 minute conversation about absolutely nothing.  And I honestly don't know if they usually played "Exit" live, but nevertheless, Tony remembered that some kid in Milwaukee wanted to hear it.  It's far too often you hear people in that position say things like "our fans mean the world to us", and it was so gratifying to witness some justification to that sentiment.  Tony was just a totally genuine, standup guy, and he's had a very positive impact on me as both a musician and a person.