I was in a bar in London with my friend Ingo, filming a music video for a song of his called "So Long". The song and the video are about friendship persisting through the trials and tribulations of life. We were there, having a few drinks, when the news came through about Tony's passing. We were both hit hard by the news - Tony was a friend, a peer, an inspiration to us both - but in some small way, the setting we found ourselves in felt fitting somehow, and we raised a glass (or two) to his memory, and indeed dedicated the video to him.

I heard a while later that there was a tribute CD being put together, and was flattered when Mike asked me to be involved. He also told me that Brigitte, Tony's wife, had wondered if I could do "Keira". It's a song Tony wrote for his daughter, and she thought it would be good for me to sing it. That was a heavy honour indeed, so I said yes. Recording it was tough, because the original is already so stripped down and personal. I didn't want to just repeat what Tony did, but I also didn't want to change it up too much, it didn't feel appropriate. In the end I decided to mess with the recording process. I took a mic and went and sat by a roadside and set things running, playing guitar and singing a little distance away. I wanted it to sound raw, in movement, something like that. Thankfully Mike, Brigitte and the rest seem to like what I did with the song. 

It was humbling to be involved in the project. And now there's one more marker to remember the man by.


Remembering Tony

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