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First and foremost I have been listening to No Use For A Name since 97.  After many years of listening to them and going to their shows, I finally got to meet one of my favorite bands.  It was at the Warped Tour in Houston, TX  in 2005.  That was a great lineup that year.  I remember the Transplants, Offspring, Dropkick Murphys and NUFAN were there.  It was an awesome day but the moment that stood out was going up to the NUFAN merch table.  I had brought the most recent cd which was Keep Em Confused for them to sign.  They signed it.  I asked to take a picture with them and Tony asked me "Do you know who I am?"   I replied immediately that he was Tony Sly and he was f*** awesome!!  The smile that put on his face is something I will never forget.  After the picture, me and Tony stood around talking about punk rock music, bands we liked and what i thought of the new CD.  you could definitely see that he loved music, his fans, and gave his heart, soul and everything he was into that music.  it shows in the records but it really is evident in the way he is.


The other day that remains in memory is the day I found out that Tony had passed.  At first, I couldn't believe it.  Then when I saw that Fat Mike had mentioned it; I knew that it was true.  That was a very sad day for me.  NUFAN was part of the music that was the soundtrack of my life.  They are a go to when Im pissed off or sad or just not in a good mood.  I will truly miss the man that Tony was.  He brought a lot of happiness and other emotion to the world with his music and him in general.  It sucks that we wont get to see what he was working on next or hear what he would have written years down the road.  


Rest In Peace my friend.   You live on in your music and in the hearts of those who were lucky enough to know you.